5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newletter

What We Learned

In Math we learned about Perimeter, Area, and Volume. Students had the challenge of deciding when to use each one in a particular situation or a combination of both. I highly encourage students to practice these skills using IXL to have a better handle on using the formulas and when to use perimeter, area, and/or volume.

In Science we learned about what fossils tell us about the past and what we can infer about extinct organisms. We are beginning our learning path through alternative energy in my morning group. In my afternoon group we worked on getting caught up on some things since we had 2 activities this week that took from our science time. We will begin learning about alternative energy next week.

What We Will Be Learning

This week in Math we will review for the Benchmark on Monday, take the Benchmark on Tuesday, and then begin our Geometry unit. Speaking of Benchmark...This will be a 4 hour test in students' homeroom classes. Please have students leave backpacks at home but remember to bring a book, a healthy and mess-free snack, a water bottle, and a jacket (sometimes it gets cold in the room). I will discuss this again on Monday with each class as we finish reviewing.

In Science we will discover the alternative energy resources as well as the pros and cons of each.


Math: DMH Week 22 on Monday and Thursday; video on Lines and Angles on Tuesday and videos on shapes on Wednesday. Students received handouts for each of the videos and set up their journals yesterday. Tuesday is Part 1 (scroll all the way to the bottom) and Wednesday is Part 2-4. The videos are on my Sophia page in reverse order, so students need to read t he directions to determine what section to complete on the handouts for each video. For a homework pass this week, please initial that you have looked over your child's homework and have checked for quality work for your child to receive a homework pass and PAWS bucks. ;)

Science: Part 3 Week 4 with justifications for all 20 questions and page numbers from their Study Guide for a minimum of 10 questions.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 9th: Math Benchmark; Please no lunch visitors due to a schedule change

Thursday 11th: Spring pictures

Friday 12th: Exchange Valentines at school

Monday 15th: Student Holiday

March 1st: Nature Trails (Math teachers' homerooms)

March 2nd: Nature Trails (Reading teachers' homerooms)

March 14th-20th: Spring Break