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16 September 2016

UpComing Dates

Volunteers Needed: See Below
26 September Picture Day
7 October- End of the first quarter
24 October- Field Trip to MCPL
10 and 11 October- No School Fall Break
18 October Report cards come home
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Our Week

Dear Parents,

It's been an awesome week in first grade! In math, we continue to work on making tens using a ten frame and our number frames. We continue to work on developing the ideas and vocabulary of addition and subtraction. We’re telling number stories and writing equations to go with them. We are practicing counting by ones, fives and tens and working to apply this rote counting to counting pennies, nickels and dimes.

We’ve begun measuring things in both standard and non-standard units. We estimated the length and measured all kinds of things in our classroom-from windows to friends. We have begun working with a thermometer, learning how to read the scale and how to determine if one should count by ones, twos or tens. We are exploring the ideas of even and odd. We noticed that when we start counting at zero and count by twos, the numbers we say are even. Testing this out with blocks, we quickly noticed that with an even number of blocks, all blocks have a partner. It wasn’t a far jump for most of us to be able to explain why an odd number added to an odd number would equal an even number.

All of our caterpillars are in their chrysalises and we now have the opportunity to use the life skill of patience. In the meantime, we put all of our new facts to work-three body parts, six legs, etc.- to work and created insects of our own. We enjoyed writing about them as a follow up. Watch out for the hot dog eating red bob or the cottage cheese loving angel fly. We spent sometime this week learning more about spiders. We worked together in both small and large groups to read about spiders. We wrote in our journals spider facts.

We have also taken our nature study out into our courtyard. We have a beautiful nature and garden area between the two wings. We are learning to be careful “lookers”. Armed with magnifying glasses, clipboards and recording sheets, we set out to explore. We have a nature journal we take with us. After making weather and condition observations, we began by having a hunt for living things we could identify: sunflowers, grass, cricket, ladybug, bee, black eyed susans. Then, we found a spot to sit and found one thing to observe carefully. Children are drawing and writing about what they notice. There were so many exciting things to see that we ran out of time for our journal! We will collect our observations in a nature journal section of our binders.

We’ve notice that many of the insects we’ve observed have patterns, matching sides or were symmetrical. We introduced the idea of symmetry. We worked together to find lines of symmetry in shapes and in the objects in our room. In our courtyard visit, we looked for living objects with symmetry to draw and write about. We created beautifully patterned painted paper and made a symmetrical pattern by folding the paper. We used our paper to make symmetrical butterflies which will grace our hallway. We wrote a group report about what makes an object symmetrical.

Your kids did an AWESOME job presenting to the school at our convocation on Monday. Please enjoy this short video recap!

Common Sense

Our first field trip is to the Monroe County Public Library on October 24th. This is a corporation sponsored trip. All first graders in Monroe County go to learn about the fabulous resources available at the Library and the librarians do a great job hosting our trip. We will leave school about 9:10 and return at approximately 10:50. If you’d like to join us, you may meet us at the Library. Please leave younger siblings at home. A permission slip came home today in the binder.

Picture day is Monday September 26th. Picture orders must be prepaid. You may order on line or send in payment to school in the order form envelop that came home earlier this week. If you need a new order form, please contact the office.

Have a great weekend!
Laura B.

Volunteers Needed

I need two or three volunteers to help me get our class Ipads set up. If you are interested, please send me an email.

We welcome Catherine Lopez to Rogers as our new librarian. The librarian at Rogers is a part time position and relies heavily on volunteers. It you are interested, there is a definite need. Please contact the librarian, Catherine Lopez, at or you can call the main line at 812-330-7767 and ask for the library. Please leave your name and contact information. Thank you so much!