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School Spelling Bee

Our School spelling bee with 4th and 5th grade participants will take place on Dec 17th at 8:30am in the Media Center. The winner of this bee will then go on to Cole Auditorium to compete on Jan 26th with the other 4-6th grade students in the county.

New Arrivals

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Awesome apps to use!

Getepic.com for hundreds of best selling books. Accounts are free for educators.

Switchzoo.com to learn about animals, biomes, habitats, etc. Great app for K-2! It's also a website too!

SanDiegozoo.com take a virtual field trip with this app or website. See videos and even live webcams of the animals.

Download any app on the iPads that is free with this account...

user: rtsstu@richmond.k12.nc.us

pwd: 1021Ann@

Ask me for resources...

If you need books for your classroom, be sure to send me an email. I will be glad to pull the books for you and send them down to your classroom! If you are looking for additional internet sources, research time needed in the library, or if you would like to work collaboratively with me on projects going on in your classroom--I would be happy to help!


Links have been added to our website for AR (Renaissance Place) on the school's homepage under "staff", under "media center" and on the top menu bar. There should also be a link under "Student's menu" on each computer that is logged on as student as well as an icon on your desktop if you are logged in as teacher. Looking forward to getting started with this in the next few weeks.

Computer problem?

Call the Help Desk. They are there to help!

(910) 582-7906

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"I Wish My Teacher Knew:" Teacher Asks Young Students to Finish Sentence