Rain Reign

By: Derek, Joey, Maya, and Noelle

Summary By: Derek S.

Rose Howard is diagnosed with high-functioning autism and has many obstacles in her life she must navigate through. Her father Wesley does not want to enroll her in any special needs classes because he thinks it would make him look like an unsatisfactory parent. Rose’s uncle Weldon takes very good care of Rose but doesn’t want to make Rose’s father think Rose likes her uncle more than her own father. Rose loves homonyms and has her own list of all the homonyms she can think of. One day during a storm, Wesley finds a stray dog and decides to give him to Rose. Rose is delighted with her new dog and decides to name him Rain because he was found in the rain and rain is a homonym. Rose and Rain are undoubtedly best friends and spend most of every day with each other. Just when the relationship between Rose and Rain is at its peak, disaster strikes. Rose’s father Wesley lets Rain outside during a hurricane without his collar. Rose is put to the test to find her dog without her autism limiting her abilities to do everything she can to find Rain. Will Rose persevere through the treacherous hardships to find her beloved friend? Or will her autism restrict her capabilities? Read Rain Reign to find out.

Book Review By: Joey S.

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I give the book Rain Reign 4.5 stars. I give this book this rating because it has a slow start introducing all of the characters, the plot, and explains future events in the book, but soon picks up as readers get attached to Rose's personality. Some of the good aspects of the book are the lessons about doing the right thing, persistence, bravery, and the hardships of an autistic child. It also is a touching book of a human and her dog loyalty at its best. In the story, Rose, the main character, is an autistic child, with a love of prime numbers, homonyms, and her dog/best friend, Rain, which coincidentally, is a homonym, (Rain,Reign) has to overcome obstacles such as finding her dog after a superstorm, doing the right thing, even when she doesn't want to, and being brave at doing the unknown. When Rain get lets loose, Rose tries and tries again in order to accomplish her goal of reaching Rain once again, letting nothing stand in her way showing persistence and bravery to do what she has never done before. To conclude, I give Rain Reign 4.5 stars, it is slow at the beginning, but picks up, giving readers valuable life lessons, such as doing the right thing, and being brave to it.

“Affecting, elegantly burnished...If you can read, you'll love this book”- The New York Times

“Newbery Honor author Martin is extremely successful in capturing Rose’s perspective and personality...Filled with integrity and determination, Rose overcomes significant obstacles in order to do what is right.”-Publishers Weekly, starred review.

Cast of Characters By: Maya B.

About the Author By: Noelle T.

Ann M. Martin was born on August 12, 1955. She spent her childhood living in Princeton, New Jersey, along with her parents and younger sister, Jane. She graduated from Smith College and became a teacher. Later on, Martin became an editor for children’s books and finally, a full time writer. She is mostly known for writing The Baby-Sitters Club series. However, Martin has written many other books including Here Today, A Corner of the Universe, and Everything for a Dog. In writing A Corner of the Universe, she has also won a Newbery Honor Award and an ALA Notable Children’s Book Award. Now, Martin lives in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York with her three cats.