The Weekly Jr. Oiler

December 1, 2017

Giving Back to our Community

On Thursday, November 30, Dywer's TUPE Club teamed with the Sowers club to volunteer at a beach clean-up. TUPE stands for Tobacco Use Prevention Education and our club meets often to think of ways to help get the message out to others that tobacco is harmful. Students rode the bus to Lifeguard Headquarters where group leaders from Dwyer and Sowers shared how tobacco products on the beach harm humans and sea life.

After the presentations, it was off to work! Students spent over an hour combing the beach for any and all trash. At the end of the clean-up they debriefed about how much of that debris was from tobacco products. Students in our TUPE Club will bring back this information to share with students on campus to raise awareness.

We had approximately 55 students participate from Dwyer and they collected around 400 cigarette butts (which are illegal on the beach)! We are very proud of our Jr. Oilers for giving back to the community.

Upcoming Lock Down Drill

As you may be aware, our school has an established emergency response plan in accordance with HBCSD. As part of the plan each school year, we practice various safety procedures with our staff and students. Teachers discuss the procedures with their students; explaining how and when certain procedures would be used. In order to ensure that all parties are ready to execute these procedures should an emergency arise, we rehearse through drills. These drills are conducted at various times of the day throughout the year, sometimes in concert with emergency responders such as police or fire.

On Monday, December 4, we will be conducting a lock down drill. Teachers will be discussing the drill with students and will be showing a training video teaching Run, Hide, Fight, which is recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and HBPD. Scenarios and discussion may also take place in classrooms following the drill.

We want to make sure you are aware that students are being trained through repeated rehearsal and to give you a chance to discuss with your child if you choose. Please note that visitors will not be permitted into the building during the drill. If you happen to call or visit during this time, you will be asked to wait until our drill is complete.

We hope that we never have to actually use any of these procedures, however, our goal is that everyone is prepared should the need arise. If you have any questions regarding this drill or about Run, Hide, Fight, please feel free to contact administration.

What's Happening?

December 4 - Lock Down Drill

December 11 - Music Parent Committee Meeting

December 15 - Student of the Month Ceremony

December 19 - Teen Truth Assembly

December 19 - Girls Volleyball vs. Sowers

December 21 - Boys Basketball vs. Sowers

December 22 - Last day before Winter Break