Indo-Pacific Hump-Backed Dolphin

By: M.M.


- Mammals

- Scientific name is Sousa Chinensis

- Humped Back

- Males are up to 3.2 meters in length

- Females are up to 2.5 meters in length

- Adults weigh up to 626lbs

Food Chain and Habitat

- Carnivores

- They eat Earnestine, Reef Fish, Mollusks, and Consecrations

- Hunt as a group

- Live in the Indian and Pacific Oceans

- Temperature is around 15-36 degrees celsius


- Slow swim speed

- Normally swim in groups of <10

- 29-38 peg-like teeth in the upper and lower jaws

- Have been known to chase off or even kill sharks

- They breed year round

Reasons For Endangerment & Critical Information

- Some are hunted for oil and for food

- Mangrove degradation due to coastal development

- Entanglement in fishing gear

- Caught in anti-shark gillnets

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