Red Wolf Review

September 15, 2012

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No growth spot this week due to the number of items in the Important Info really need to read through it to be "in the know".

Red Wolf Bucket Filling

Thanks to everyone for your diligence in educating parents on curriculum night.

Thanks to everyone that helped with testing this week :-)

Thanks for the thoughtful conversations around the mindset lesson at the staff meeting this week :-)

Important Information

Planning Agendas

Please review your planning agenda at the beginning of your PLC meeting each week in order to provide the focus of your meeting.

Laminating Anchor Charts

I went to laminate a behavior prompt for a student desk and noticed there are instructional anchor charts waiting to be laminated. Please do not laminate anchor charts because they should be timely (not reused year to year) and the lamination causes a glare on them that makes them difficult to read.

Field Trips

Please continue to submit all field trips to Mrs. Culberson. These need to be planned by the end of October. ALSO plan for an in house science program. When you submit this field trip be specific that it is your PTA sponsored science program since a few grade levels do more than one program.

All Pro Dad

The first All Pro Dad breakfast meeting will be held on Tuesday morning from 6:45-7:30. Dads will be walking their students to class after the meeting, so please do NOT mark students tardy that were at the breakfast.

Student Pictures

Next Thursday, Sept. 22nd in the gym. Time slots begin at 7:45 and run until 11:30.
The class sign-up sheet is by the time sheet in the mail room. First come-first served.

Student Centered Meetings---- Please reserve the last Monday of each month for your team to meet with the student support team in the planning room. Put it in your calendar! The first meeting is Sept. 26th. We will review the intervention process and discuss students that are on the radar from last year. Please bring PEPs and any relevant data to the meeting....bring your data notebook.

Parent Teacher Conferences --- For your planning....the building will be open Saturday, Oct. 22 if you would like to use that time for conferences. I will ask closer to the date if anyone will be using this option. If not, the building will not be open. Conferences need to be completed between Oct. 10th and 28th. See me if you have exceptions. You are not to start before the 10th as that is the end of the first marking period.

Calendar Watch


20 School Leadership Team (2:30 in the planning room)


22 Picture Day

23 Cluster Night ----Football at Marvin Ridge High---Please join us!

26 1-5 Lunch vistors may begin


30 Play..... Friendship/bullying..... K-3 time = 8:30