Åll About Me

by: Kylie Smith

I Have One Cat

My cat's name is Phoebe. She is black, white,and only has one eye. She is about 15 years old in cat years. My dad also found her outside before i was born.

Soccer Is My Favorite Sport

I have been playing soccer since is was 5 and have been on two travel teams. I am a forward and midfield player. My soccer colors are blue and white also my team is called the devils.

Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. I only like the green kind. I don't know why i think it taste much better though. Plus it looks more like mint to.

My Family

My family is a normal sized family. One brother, a mom ,and a dad. Me and my brother are 4 years apart. I am the oldest.


My favorite season is winter. I love the cold weather and sometimes snow. The warm drinks. Also my favorite holiday is in the winter.