Social Studies Updates

December 2, 2014

On Your Radar

12/4: PLC "SIOP Strategies and PLD folder review"

12/5: Lesson plans for December 15th-19th DUE

12/8: Lesson plan feedback may be received via email

Pre-AP Horizontal Planning @ DMS from 4:30-6:30 pm

(Attendance is mandatory for ALL pre-AP teachers)

12/11: PLC "Academic Vocabulary"

DMS Spelling Bee during 1st period in the "TEXAN Room"

Our Vote for textbooks is DUE

**I have all of the textbooks out in my office and you are all welcome at any time to come and review the book as well as the ancillaries that accompany them. We all have to select the same publisher when it comes time to vote so come look, use and give your opinions so we can get some great, NEW materials for next year.**

12/12: Lesson plans for January 7th-9th DUE

12/18: NO PLC

12/19: Lesson plans for January 6th-9th DUE


Non-Negotiables for EVERY lesson:

  • ACE Strategies
  • Key Questioning
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Content ('I can') and Language Objectives ('I will')

Plans should be in TEAM PLANNERS by Friday morning.

Plans should be in your INDIVIDUAL PLANNERS the Wednesday BEFORE the week they are taught.

***If feedback was given, the plans in the individual planner are to reflect any modifications/changes recommended.***

Campus and District Expectations for Lesson Plan Submission:

December 1st-5th and December 8th-12th should be in your INDIVIDUAL planners.

Plans for December 15th-19th will be reviewed Friday, December 5th


Are you keeping up with your word wall?

Each week you need to be adding 5 words to your wall. The word walls need to be

cumulative of concepts/units previously taught and currently being taught.

How are you incorporating your word wall into your teaching?

Remember some of the strategies shared in the PLC last month that you could


  • Paraphrasing Pyramid
  • Plickers
  • Word Wall Centers (Spin-a-Word)
  • Compare-Contrast Venn Diagram