Spain is a wonderful place


-Spain's capital is Madrid

_Language is Spanish and Catalan

-It's on west Europe


-The major city's are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

-Cantabrian Mts, Iberian Peninsula, are the major landforms.

-Duero river, Ebro River, Guadiana River

Some really famous tourist attractions!


- In Spain they like to dance tango.

-They like to hear rock, hip-hop, tejano.

-They like soccer.

-Their folk is flamego and tango.

- New Year in 1 of Janurary, Palm sunday, and Day of Madrid.

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Interesting facts!!

-In 1700 and in 1800 Spain ruled most of North America.

-The soccer teams Real Madrid and Barcelona have a big rivalry

-Spain is ruled by King Felipe.

-Mount Teide is The tallest mountain and an active volcano.

-In Spain they drive right hand side of the car.