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¨The Odyssey¨ a book review by Alex Michael

Homer's epic novel, The Odyssey, is a true testament to the power of story, and possibly one of the best adventure novels ever written. Written over thousands of years ago, this fictional tale of the hero Odysseus has stood the test of time and rose as the most influential adventure story ever written. Taking place after the Trojan War, Odysseus makes the treacherous journey home. Having both gained favor and angered the Greek pantheon of gods, his voyage will not be an easy one. Confronted with both the allure of sultry women, and the ferocity of various monsters, only the wit and cleverness that Odysseus is known for will help him. This tale is not only focused on the trials of Odysseus, his son, Telemachos, fights to keep his father's house and wife from being taken from the local men. Determined to find out about the fate of his father, Telemachos sets off on his own personal quest across Greece. Adventure, Gods, women, wealth, and monsters are abounding within Homers novel, why not pick up this novel and start your odyssey?

¨Relic Master: The Dark City¨ A book review by Tanner Kirk

Relic Master: The Dark City, written by Catherine Fisher is a fictional book that explores the mythical world of Anara. This book follows Raffi and his teacher, the relic master Galen, as they explore the immense city of Tasceron. They are members of the Order an ancient group that follows the teachings of the Makers, the creators of Anara. The Order has been destroyed by the Watch, all remaining members are in constant hiding, the only way to save themselves and destroy the Watch is to locate the messenger of the Makers. This epic adventure is filled with countless adversaries, and they may even find a few friends along the way. This is a must read for those interested in fantasy adventures, and maybe even those just looking for a good read.

¨The Dark Tower¨ A book review by Robert Skiles

The Dark Tower is a book by Stephen King, which is definitely worth reading. The book follows the story of a man called the Gunslinger you will later learn that his actual name is Roland Deschain in a impressive combination of western, science fiction, and fantasy literature. The story tales Roland in his quest to find the Man in Back. The quest to find the Man in Black will lead Roland across a strange and magical environment going that is also known for its western background. On the way you will meet interesting characters with their own stories and horrifying monstrosities. This book is a must read for any fan of Kings stranger works.

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