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September 4, 2020

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September 7 - LABOR DAY - NO SCHOOL
September 14 - 6:30pm Board of Education Mtg.

September is Attendance Awareness Month!

Whether your child is participating in virtual learning or in person learning, daily attendance in school is a strong indicator of future success and a requirement. It is important to ensure your child’s daily participation in each class.

Regular school attendance is an important element for success in school. When a student is frequently absent, tardy or dismissed early from school, students lose valuable instructional time. We realize some absences are for health or other reasons. But when students are absent 2 or more days a month (or 18 days over the school year) they can fall far behind in what they learn. Excused and unexcused absences both mean missing classroom learning time. Absences can add up. Missing just two days every month puts students at risk of falling behind.

Some Attendance Tips:

  • Make sure your students keep a regular bedtime and establish a morning routine.
  • Turn off all electronics including TVs, phones and tablets at bedtime.
  • Make sure clothes and pack backpacks are ready the night before.
  • Check with our school nurse or office staff if you are not sure about when to keep your child at home due to illness.
  • Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session.
  • If your child seems anxious about going to school, talk to teachers, the school counselor, or other parents for advice on how to make him/her feel comfortable.
  • Develop back up plans for getting to school if something comes up. Call on a family member, neighbor, or another parent to take your student to school.
  • Seek support from school staff for help.

Please let us know how we can best support you and your student so that they can show up for school on time every day.

Returning Student Registration

It's that time of year that you all need to do the Returning Student Registration for your students. Many have already gotten it done, many have have yet to do it! Following is a link to a video that will help you get through the process if you are having difficulty. As the video states, you can not do the update from a mobile phone, it must be done on a computer. If you don't have a computer you can go to the ABC Building to complete it. We may have access to a laptop here at school if you can not go to the central office. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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Battle of the Books Registration Information

Attention 4th-6th Graders!

It’s time to start forming your teams for this year’s Battle of the Books!

Registration begins Friday, October 2.

For more information, please visit:

Sponsored by Westside Community Council.

Instrumental Music Program

Calling all Westside 5th Graders - now is the time to join Westside's award winning Instrumental Music program! Sign up is going on now through Sept. 7. Information about band and string instruments, as well as the sign up form, can be found in your google classroom! Questions? Contact us through email or at your school! We can't wait to make music with all of you this school year! Mrs. Matheson ( & Mr. Freeman (

MTSS Update

Westside Community Schools continues the implementation of MTSS, which stands for Multi-Tiered System of Supports. This year more than ever, due to the effects of COVID on education and instruction over these past 5 months, MTSS in Westside assures that we regularly monitor student skills and progress and follow-up with providing students what they need to be successful in learning. Right away in August and September this means that we first assess all students to determine their current skill levels, group students, and plan our instruction to meet their needs.

What is MTSS? MTSS is a framework for providing instruction and support to promote the academic and behavioral success of all children. Individual children’s progress & skills are measured, and these results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention. The MTSS process is flexible and allows for a continuum of supports designed to meet the needs of individual students. This support may be provided in a large or small group by the classroom teacher or other support staff, either within or outside the classroom.

What does this mean for my child? A key component of the MTSS process is that all children receive high quality instruction in their classroom. Universal screenings are brief tests used to measure the progress of all students and are given three times per year. As a result of the screenings, students may be identified as needing some degree of supplemental intervention in addition to the instruction they are receiving in their classroom. If your child is identified as needing intervention you will be notified. Please contact your child’s building principal with questions.

Nebraska Reading Improvement Act: The Nebraska Reading Improvement Act went into effect at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. The goal is that all Nebraska students are able to read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. This is accomplished by ensuring all students have access to high-quality instruction and for struggling readers to receive targeted support (intervention). Our current MTSS framework in Westside Community Schools already allows for us to meet these state requirements.

*We understand the disruption COVID has caused in the educational system. We continue to use research-based high quality instructional practices to meet the needs of all students to as great of an extent as the current pandemic situation allows. We are adapting as we progress throughout the year. The more students continue to read, review math facts, and write/journal each day at home, in addition to their instruction from school, the more secure their skills may become.

Doug Krenzer

This is a great time of year to walk for Doug! Can you help him out? He is an important part of our community and it would be nice if we could get a lot of people to help him out! He is one of our Board Members and is bravely fighting cancer. A family friend organized Go The Distance For Doug. WE CHALLENGE YOU to commit to 50 miles in September - walking, biking, running - and share #DistanceForDoug Mr. Krenzer you are a Warrior and we've got your back. The money raised will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
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