Revolt of the Maccabees

by Carly Taylor

What's happening?

Jerusalem is a part of the Persian Empire. It was then taken over by the Seleucids, who had changed the laws, and prohibited religious freedom. All of the people are trying to be persuaded to live the life of a Greek person. However, Judas and his father, the priest Mattathias did not agree with this, and decided to conquer back Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. This is known as the revolt.

Was the Revolt Successful or Not?

The Maccabeus Family is Successful and Conquers back Jerusalem

Judas Maccabeus and his army defeated the Pagan army. Within three years, the Jews were able to rededicate the temple. This event is known as Hanukkah and is still celebrated today. Even after Judas died, the success is continued by his brothers and the area under their rule continues to spread.


The event of the revolt and the Maccabeus Family succeeding is known as Hanukkah.
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