The Fighter Pilots January News

31 Days

A Reason is.......

It is still very cold and snowing and so what! We have agents / staff quitting and blaming others and so what! We have a lot of promises for sales out there and nothing more and so what! You’re not making any money and I’m not and so what! Well, not so fast! Change is happening in a good way and I am very excited about the direction this district is heading. Running a business is not a sprint, so let me tell you about the second leg of this team’s journey.

District's Recruiting Goals

Recruiting with vision is growing as planned. The quality recruits number five so far with just over a month and a half to get to six more recruits. We do not expect all to finish the race. We expect training and coaching to support most of our recruits earning a paycheck soon.

When a blind man and one who sees are both together in darkness, they are no different from one another. When the light comes, then he who now sees will see the light and he who is blind will remain in darkness.

W E L C O M E !


We are fortunate to have Gregory Lockridge on our team as an ADM out of Ann Arbor. Greg comes with over 25 years in the business of successful insurance sales of life, health and p&c. Greg is married with two sons and is a respected leader and coach in the community. We were also joined by Melandie Hines on Greg’s team, who is a widowed single parent and a very popular networking spirit in her community of Inkster. You will always know her by her smile and her future political aspirations. Please join me in welcoming our first two 2014 recruits to the campaign for success. Right now they are prepared to go to the head of the class in sales without any competition. We have two new recruits on deck for Doc’s team.

Fighter Pilots, for you new agents, have a code of honor and practices that will lead you to the support and income you have committed to, moving forward. The legacy of a wing-man for example is an awesome display of team discipline. When an agent is unsuccessful, they have not met their timeline goals for study and numbers required for drops and calls. This is a new arena, company and way of doing business which requires you to be coach-able. If you are not making money in 90 days with Colonial Life you probably have abandoned your wing-man position. Best Wishes!

Look Forward and Be Forward

January showed no master application sales for any agent except myself. Looking at the January numbers for drops, calls to DM and then to appointments, they do not support the minimal expected outcome. Now these are your numbers so no need to impress anyone except yourself with your daily grade. BUT when we do not make money and the numbers don’t line up it’s troublesome. Who will earn their Fighter pilot wings this quarter? Who’s going to warm it up around here. 40 employees and we write 20 are your wings and about $8,000 @44%. Measuring numbers is a business owner’s best tool and a faltering salesman’s worst nightmare. Be the owner.