Biofuel from Dual-use crops

By:Kayla Hatfield, Adryona Simpson, and Kaitlynn Butler


Residue from food agriculture, such as, straw, wheat, sugar cane, sugar beet, and corn.
  • Doesn't threaten food
  • Can be produced without harming the environment or local population
  • can be processed efficiently to yield high-quality liquid bio fuels in large quantities Disadvantages
  • The technology needed to process dual-use crops is the same technology used to produce biofuels from trees, grass, and forest waste, the processes have not been perfected yet and it could take up to ten years before these fuels are ready to use on the market.
  • They have to have limits on the amount of straw used.
  • People say only 40% of straw should be used for biofuels.

Crops used to make biofuel