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Premium Soy Products

Our premium soy bean wax candles and tart chunks are made from two types of American grown soybeans, with natural botanical oils added to give them vibrant colors and a creamy texture. Along with our soy soap, room sprays, and electric tart melters you are sure to find something to Satisfy your Senses!

It is Our Mission to provide our extended family of consultants and customers with the highest quality scented products at reasonable prices and to deliver superior customer service.

We carry exclusive Candle GEMS and Melter GEMS! We carry MENS rings! Specify your ring size, gender and your fragrance. Our rings are not in the wax. NO MESS! NO waiting for your candle to burn.

Why choose SoyL Scents?

You receive your discount immediately
You receive commission instantly 35% and also % on your downline
The only company that carries mens rings
We guarantee ring size
The only company that offers Fundraiser program
NO transaction fees for consultants
NO sales quotas
NO auto-shipment
NO monthly web fees
NO purchase kit requirement

We carry a variety of products. We currently have 85+ scents and still growing!!!

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