What have we been up to?

Language Arts: Students have finished their unit on figurative language and poetry and we are now working on attaining an understanding of cause and effect along with irony, symbolism, flashback and foreshadowing. I will be working on the end of the year running records during the next few weeks. The end of 5th grade goal for running records is level U.

Word Work: Students continue working on their individual sorts for word work. I will be testing the students soon on the end of the year results so that we can see the improvement in spelling over the past year.

Social Studies: Students finished their global citizenship project which demonstrated the importance of the first amendment in the United States and how our rights are different from the rights of other countries. The students are now working on our last unit which is on the Civil War.

Achieve 3000: The Achieve 3000 system has already post-tested the students on their Lexile (reading level) levels and how their Lexile has changed over the past year. Our class has seen very positive results with this program this year. Ask your child to log on and show you their Lexile. The Lexile goal for the end of fifth grade is between 800 and 900.

Science: We have been learning about ecosystems in science class. Students explored the lake ecosystem. We learned about the invasive species Zebra Mussels. Then in small groups, students were assigned an ecosystem to research and explore. The project requires the group to learn as much as they can about their ecosystem, identify a problem in their ecosystem and find a solution for their problem. The project also has students learning about biodiversity and different perspectives about the ecosystem that are dependent upon a person's lifestyle.

1st Hour Math: We have finished chapter 1 of the sixth grade book. This unit was on factoring, ratios and rate tables. The students seem to really catch on quickly to the concepts taught. We have started chapter 2. This chapter is on area and perimeter of triangles, trapezoids and parallelograms. Students will be discovering where the formulas for these math calculations come from before actually using them. We will also be doing a lot of reviewing to prepare us for MAP testing next week.

6th Hour Math and Mr. Vandenelzen: We are working on chapter 8 in our math books. This chapter is on measurement conversion. The chapter will also cover line plots, area, perimeter and volume. We are also spending a lot of time reviewing to help get us ready for MAP testing next week.

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

5-19.....MAP Reading Test

5-20.....MAP Math Test

5-28.....Lineville Walk/Run Event

You're Invited!!

We would like to welcome anyone that has come to support our class through assisting on field trips or assisting in the classroom to a Volunteer Breakfast. All of your support is so much appreciated. Please fill out the link below if you are interested in attending. We would love to see you there.


6th Grade News

The State of Wisconsin requires students in 6th grade to have 2 additional vaccines. They need to have the adolescent booster of tetanus and pertussis/whooping cough or “Tdap” as well as their second “varicella” or chickenpox vaccine. You can get these vaccines at the Brown County Health Department by calling 448-6400 to schedule an appointment or at your doctor’s office. You must notify Pupil Services once your child receives their vaccine by calling 662-7881 or by bringing the immunization documentation to the school office.

School Supplies

Replenish Supplies: We still have several students who do not have pencils and erasers. Please ask your child if he/she needs these supplies.