College Bash!


Fall Welcome Event!

Hey all!

Leeward Community College Annual College Bash is coming up! Awesome games, PRIZES - hydroflask, portable charger, turn table, etc- live entertainment from EMKE Hawaii Band, and FREE FOOD while supplies last at this annual Fall event!

September 2nd, 2015- THIS WEDNESDAY.......TOMORROW!!

10 AM -1 PM

Tuthill Courtyard

If you are in the afternoon Automotive classes take advantage of your class schedule and enjoy the the event and bring back the energy to Professor Ayakawa's class! but don't be late!

I know for the morning Automotive classes that it starts at 10 AM, and we will still be in class, BUT if you have long breaks during that time, go join the fun and grab some food before you have to go back to class -please don't be late going back!

or....jump in right after class for the final fun filled hour!!

PS. Don't forget to bring your Leeward CC student ID!

See you there!

Camille Basa

Automotive Peer Mentor

Just a glimpse of College Bash (2014)