AM National Newsletter

#25 | Week 1 | February 2016

Road to AMAN 2016 - Award Applications now Open!

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We're only about a month away from the greatest night of all nights - AMAN 2016 - where we will reward the LCs that have pushed the boundaries of possibility!

But to receive an award, one must first submit an award application!

Submit an application for an award by visiting the Road to AMAN 2016 Portal (click the button below)!

The application deadline for all awards is the 22nd of February. All awards count achievements between the 1st of July of 2015 and the 15th of February of 2016 - so remember that when you are constructing your application, only this timeline will be considered!

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With just around one month to go for the most glamorous evening of the year, we now wrap up our Road to AMAN 2016 by revealing to you our last award - the Top Gun Award!

Check out the criteria for the biggest award of the night and of the year below!

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MyLDS 2016 Wrap-Up

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The EXPA Space

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Problem with EXPA? Start reporting your EXPA cases by clicking the button below and we'll work with you to make all of your matches and realisations online!

AI will be hosting a series of webinars about EXPA and it's usage in the first week of March 2016 (dates to be later confirmed)

Tell us what are the things you want to know/have questions about the system and how to use it!

Please click the button below and fill the form until the 8th of February:

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Operations Update

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The Stories Behind the Numbers

Updates from MC Office

Out of Office

This week: Hanne (vacation until 3 Feb, Australia); Paul (CNY, Taiwan); JT (GCDP Summit, Philippines); Edward (Passport Renewal, Taiwan)

Next week: All (Chinese New Year and IPM) - but Ana, Manu and Hui Yeen available from Wednesday, the 10th, onwards.

What is the MC up to this week?

John (Operations)

-> NPM Agenda and All on EXPA Audit

Jane (oGCP)

-> Summer EYP Meeting and EPRD Plan Coordination

Peter (iGTP)

-> iGTP Summer Timeline and EST Selection

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> oGTP Marketing plan alignment to LC

Erik (CX)

-> EP LEAD Task Force and CX Synergy with oGCP

Manu (OD)

-> Launch TC Model and Review RnR/ launch apps

Ana (TM)

-> MRD Meeting and LLDS Faci Application

JT (Expansion)

-> AP ADB Summit and Expansions follow up