Exciting News from the LMC

Technology and Innovation Opportunities!

Winter 2016

Creative, collaborative technology available in the LMC's new MakerSpace!

A designated MakerSpace stocked with a 3D printer, video recording equipment, LittleBits and design software, this creation lab is encouraging students to tinker with different technologies and think outside the box. Collaborate with the LMC to further the use of this latest trend in innovative education and critical thinking for your classroom.

What We Offer...

We offer a wide variety of print and non-print resources including books, online databases, ebooks, audio books, magazines, newspapers, and Nooks! Check out the "Library Links" on our website for more features and tools to become more connected in this digital age. The LMC has 27 computers, 32 iPads and 13 laptops available for student and staff research and assignments, and we offer a number of helpful research tools and tips. The LMC is also host to student artwork and poetry in the Student Art Gallery. Herricks High School LMC is open from 7:25 AM to 3:35 PM.

LMC Contacts

Samantha Gerantabee: Library Media Specialist

Irene Choy: Library Teacher Assistant

Annette Yorke: Library Staff

Josephine Valentine: Library Staff