Counseling Connection

October 2015

September Highlights

September was a busy month for the counseling department! In addition to meeting with students individually, responding to crisis situations, and facilitating meetings, we had the opportunity to present to students and parents in a large group environment.

Take a look below at our programs from September:

  • September 21-October 2: Dr. Appling visited all sophomore English classes to help students learn how to evaluate their transcripts and prepare the PSAT

  • September 24: 175 parents and students attended Senior Parent Night to learn more about graduation requirements, financial aid, and post-secondary planning.

  • September 28: 35 parents attended the 2nd 9th grade parent chat. Topics included graduation/promotion requirements, researching and exploring colleges, and knowing your student's learning style.

  • September 28-October 2: Senior counselors visited all senior English classes to discuss post-secondary planning.

Freshman Mentors and Peer Leaders

On October 2, Freshman Mentors were trained to deliver advisement lessons to the freshmen. This month's topics will include Homecoming etiquette, Dating, Rumors and Gossiping and Decision Making/Personal Choices.

By October 19, GHS Peer Leaders will be trained and ready to start serving our students. The peer leaders will be providing tutoring and homework help on Wednesdays and Fridays and running small groups (study skills, organization, peer relations and new students) on Thursdays. Contact Mrs. Hawkins or Dr. Appling if you have students that would benefit from working with the peer leaders.

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Advisement Theme

The Next Step is October's advisement theme. Advisement activities are aimed at helping students develop short term and long term goals.

October Programs

Senior counselors are continuing to meet with seniors to complete their application for graduation. Our county deadline is October 30; therefore, we are still sending for students throughout the day. We appreciate your continued support!

Mrs. Hawkins will be visiting 9th grade language arts classes to walk students through researching three careers that they are interested in.

GHS 2nd Annual GA Apply to College Week

GA Apply to College Week is scheduled November 16-20! All seniors will have the opportunity to complete college applications with the help from counselors and community volunteers. Last year was a huge success and with your support, we know that this event will be just as successful! November advisement lessons will be geared toward GACW to inform all 9-12 grade students about post-secondary planning.

How can you help?

Please encourage seniors to create a free GACollege411 account. They will need this activated in advance to apply for college. A great time to do this is during RAM Time. If you have a computer in your room, you could even have students create their account with you.

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October Events

October 14: PSAT

October 20-21: Gateway Exams

October 26-November 3: 9th grade classroom guidance

October 26- 9th Grade Parent Chat

October 30: Senior Letter Deadline