Elijah Lovejoy

The life of Elijah Lovejoy.

When he was born and when he died.

He was born in Maine on November 9th, 1802, and died in Illinois on November 7th 1837.

Highlights of childhood and education.

He had six brothers and two sisters. He was known as an unusual and bright student and an unusual great athletic. He studied extensively in the Christian faith and the bible in his childhood.

Entry into Adulthood-Marriage, Family, Education, Career.

He was attending Waterville College in September 1823. He became a school teacher in China, Maine. Married Celia Ann French, and had two children. Owen Lovejoy, His brother is to the right.

Motivations to become a Reformer.

Elijah lovejoy was strongly against the use of slaves and their mistreatment.

What was wrong with the World before this Reform.

Masters had slaves that did all the work for them and they mistreated them. Masters did not do any work and slaves would pick cotton, do dishes, and worked as maids.

What did the Reform do to make changes.

They helped slaves escape and had conversations to end slavery. Told the government to end slavery.

Acomplishment of this Reform.

Helped slaves escape and they were an Anti-slavery group.

How he died and Remembrances today.

Elijah lovejoy died when he was guarding one of his printing presses from people who tried to destroy his presses. His Grave to the left and a monument honered by him. R.I.P Elijah Lovejoy.
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