Third Grade Loves to Learn

Maple Grove Elementary

March 6, 2015

Weekly Academic Overview

Math: Understand Fractions as Numbers. bar models and number lines, equivalents

Reading: Dr. Seuss' Reading activities, Wrap up Planets in our Solar System, Quiz Wednesday.

Language: Wrapping up Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences, Sentence Conventions: Titles, Capitals, etc.

Spelling: Sounds of (o) o_e in the initial & medial position of one syllable base words (rope, stove), o_e in the middle position of final syllable (explode).

Science: Weather - Wrap up unit, TEST by end of the week.

Coins for Kituku

Our charitable fundraiser continues through to the end of the next week. This is an opportunity to help purchase classroom textbooks for girls' schools in Kenya. The final day for collecting coins will be Friday, March 13. A BIG thank you to all the students and families that have already contributed. :)

Scholastic Book Orders - Place your order online by March 9th

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