Elkton Elementary School

It's a Great Day To Be an Elk!

EES Photos

We held a back to school pep rally!! The gym was full of excitement as we begin to Sail the 5 C's into learning!

Here's to a fantastic year at EES!!

On June 1st, 2018 our school opened a time capsule that was buried on June 4th, 1993. The school was fortunate to have many past staff and students attend the celebration.
We were honored today to have Mr. Bruce Dellinger visit our school. During the month of October we will be celebrating differences. We will have guest speakers come talk to the students about their disability and how they have come to adapt and thrive.
Mrs. Cox's 2nd grade class is learning about continents. What a great job they did!!
We were very lucky to have some animals come visit to help celebrate Farm to School Day. A huge thank you to Ms. Abby Phillips for sharing her animals with us!!

Brittany Lam/Kelley Coggsdale Character Award winners

Michael Campbell and Winter Lam

Congratulations to you both!!