BY: Kierra Ward

Battle Gonzales

American colonist of Gonzales refused to surrender a small canon that had been given to that settlement in 1831 as a defense against the Indians .

Differences between the Texans and Mexicans increased from the talking stage to the shooting stage at The battle Gonzales, generally it was considered to be the first battle of the Texas revolution

Battle of Velasco

Took place on June 26, 1837, the Texas commander of the Mexican fort at Velasco who tried to prevent the passage of the verse.

The Texans numbered between 100-150 and the Mexicans numbered between 91-200

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Battle of San Jacinto

On April 21, 1836 the revolutionary army at Gonzales began to retreat east ward .Texans were led by General Sam Houston and the Mexican army was led by General Santa Anna
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Battle of Goliad

Happened on October 9, 1835, Texans settlers attacked the Mexican army . On September Texans kidnapped Mexican general Martin Prefecto de Cos. After a 30 minute battle the Mexican garrsion surrendered
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Battle of the Alamo

the Battle only lasted 13 days on Februray 23,1836

The Battle of the Alamo was the Texans and Mexicans fighting on a fort that originally a mission

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Battle of Concepcion

It occureed on October 28, 1835. After the Battle of Gonzales the Texas army grew to 400

Stephen F. Austin ordered James Bowie and James Fannin and ninety men from San Fransico de las Epoada mission to locate a protected position

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