Learning Through Play

USL 216 Service-Learning Project by Piper Sandstrom

Student Population

  • Young children, primarily 1st-5th grade aged
  • Very diverse population
  • Some parents

Service Project

A Day of Play!

  • This project will be marketed to students at various schools that my service-learning organization visits
  • An open field day for students and parents who want to come play games and learn
  • There will be stations set up with multiple volunteers to lead educational games
  • The games will incorporate learning objectives and tips on living a healthy life
  • Parents will receive information (pamphlet, flyer, etc.) on how to live a healthier life and health tips

Academic Components

Primary Objectives

PO 3. Identify that physical activity is integral to good health

PO 2. Identify that foods are classified into food groups and that a variety of food is needed for personal health, growth, and development

PO 1. Identify that healthy behaviors affect personal health and overall well-being

Secondary Objectives

PO 1. Describe ways to prevent communicable diseases

PO 1. Identify how the family influences personal health practices and behaviors

PO 2. Encourage family and peers to make positive health choices

Reflection Techniques

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