New Ordinances May Affect You?!

By: Jelina Relford

Land Ordinance of 1785

This new ordinance allows for the government to raise more money through selling land. This is important because, all of the money being raised through the sale of section 16 of each of these townships is going to you son, daughter, nieces, nephews'. etc educations! Furthermore, this ordinance provides much needed money to the government. These townships are going to be sold in 6 x 6 mile parts that are then divided into 36 sections of 640 acres. On the other hand, four of these 36 sections will be especially reserved for government use and control.All in all, this means that 31 sections sold for no less than $1 a piece can not only help out your government but also the education program.

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

This is another slightly older, but fairly new ordinance that may also affect you. This ordinance may allow you to move to another state without even moving! You may be excited. yet skeptical. You may be wondering moving to another state without moving, huh? Well this new ordinance allows pre-existing land to be broken up and create two-four more states with extra land. Although, there are quite a few provisions needed to become a state, it won't be so hard when you look at it like it's already there just set up a government per-se.

Articles of Confederation

The articles of confederation is a list that creates a new form of government.It lists the powers of the states, congress, and essentially unified the states to have a set form of things to abide by. Some things listed in the articles were that congress had the right to declare war, maintain and assemble and army and/or navy, make treaties. On the other hand, it also highlighted state rights and federal rights depending on the situation. A;though the articles had its shortcomings which we will learn about later, it was a great start in unifying the states and giving some set rights when you think about the disorder and confusion among the states