Technology Course of Study

The Alabama Learning Exchange

ALEX is a large repository of lesson plans, web resources, podcast, and more that correlate to the Alabama courses of studies. Resources submitted through ALEX are vigorously, peer-reviewed and then available for all to use.

Something that is NEW this year: Learning Assets. These are related to strategic teaching practices and include a small block of activity (pre, during, post) incorporating technology.

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Finding Technology Course of Study Correlations

Two ways... Easy & Easier


  1. Go to the Lesson Plans link.
  2. Select Technology Education (2009)
  3. Select grade level(s).
  4. List of all lesson plans correlated to that standard aggregate.


  1. Go to the Courses of Study link.
  2. Click the Technology Education link.
  3. Click the link to the appropriate grade levels.
  4. Beside each standard you will see a number of lesson plans correlated to the specific standard. Click that link (number) to browse through the lesson plans.

ALEX Personal Workspace

Where to store these wonderful resources?

You can use the ALEX Personal Workspace. You just need to sign in or create a log in (very simple).

With the Personal Workspace, you can

  • bookmark you favorite web resources, lesson plans, learning assets, and podcasts for quick access in one place.
  • Submit lesson plans, web resources, learning assets, and podcasts for peer-review
  • Check the status of submission
  • Create a teacher webpage

Advantages: Storing all your favorite plans in one place -- no more having to search again for the lesson plans.

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