One Warm Coat!!

The problem is that people can’t afford to buy coats and this causes people to get really cold. People who can’t afford coats can get sick or even die.

As someone who loves warmth, the cold is very harsh for me. So I can’t bear to see people who are freezing. I am very lucky that my parent can afford to buy coats for my brother and I. To help, I decided to collect coats from my neighbors and friends. I used a big organization is called “One Warm Coat,” but the smaller organization is called “The Community Angel Foundation.” This organization has a church that homeless people can go to and get food, coats, shirts, hats, toys, and so much more!! The total amount of coats I got was 70! That is a lot of coats!! It was so fun to go downtown to see this organization and I hope to do it again!
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Their motto is: Warming coat at a time!