Nathaniel Ambrose McAfee

My Great Great Grandfather

About Nathamiel Ambrose McAfee

Nathaniel Ambrose McAfee, my great great grandfather, was born April 10,1857. Nathaniel was an farmer, and a landlord, that owned many land in Michie, Tennessee. He got married on February 15, 1883 at McNairy, Tennessee. He lived a long life of 80 years, but unfortunately he died December 23, 1937, 10 years before his wife.

Nathamiel Ambrose McAfee Family(Parents And Children)

Nathaniel had many children, 8 to be exact. 5 boys, and 3 girls: George Taylor McAfee, Thomas Jefferson(Uncle Tom, T.J.) McAfee, John Wesley McAfee, Nathaniel Egbert McAfee, Charlie Elmer "Chuck" McAfee, Sarah Adell McAfee, Addie F McAfee.

His parents were Jacob McAfee, and Elizabeth Taylor McAfee.

How Did Nathaniel Ambrose McAfee Fit in History

Nathaniel McAfee went through many things, in his years. He went through the Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl. He was alive when World War I started and finish. Even though he went through many things, Nathaniel McAfee really didn't do anything important, in his life time, that is known, at least.

Nathaniel Ambrose McAfee Death

Nathaniel Ambrose McAfee die Dec 23, 1937.
Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery.

His wife die ten years after him. Her death was a tragedy. This is how she die. My grandpa, Alton, was captured while fighting in War World II. He was captured January 19, 1945. My Great Grandfather got a telegram from the war department. Marta, Nathaniel wife, was there at the time they read it. The telegram stated, "That their son, Alton, was MIA, Missing in Battle, upon hearing this, she had a heart attack and dead.