Five Themes of Geography

For Alleghany NC.

Welcome  to Alleghany NC.In this small mountine county there is lots to do.You can go Crouse park and listem to music on Saturday or you could visit the farms market at the same time and still be able to listen at the same time.If you come during September and you could enjoy the Fall Festival.Where you can enjoy arts and crafts hand made.
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This is a doodeled map of Alleghany


There are three ways there is Alleghany in motion,walking and driving in your own car.While going around the town thiere are lots of shops on main street like, Alleghany Arts and Crafts,Farmers hardware, Mangum and Caters, and lots others.


Alleghany county is boardered by Galax VA,Elkin NC,Marion VA,Elkin NC,and a few others


In this county you have Christmas trees,mountaines, and lots of fields with crops and animales.The climate here is warm for the summer,cold in the winter,wet in the spring,and cold in the spring.


The region in this area is mountianes.Before you leave you should see the Blue ridge park way before you leave the county.

Human Interaction.

To fit in the town just where your close unless your from a differant country then you should go to a local close store.While here you should be able to speak english.