Year 10 Callobration Week

Alice, Josh and William

Day 1- Monday

•In the morning we played a rounder's tournament against other groups in our year. We had 10 minutes per each innings to get as many rounder's as possible to win overall.

•In the afternoon we watched a film called ‘Rabbit-proof Fence’, this was about 3 young children taken away from their family to live in a camp were they would then become housemaids, they then escape and trek across the deserts to return home. We had a quiz on the film after about what had happened.

Day 2- Tuesday

•In the morning we had the challenge of completing the crystal maze. Throughout the morning we participated in a variety of activities including pond dipping and building structures to earn crystals which we then used to play an overall game at the end of the session. Overall we came second.

•In the afternoon we got split up into groups with the rest of the year to take part in activities such as pop art painting and building boomerangs. This was part of the art and tech session this week.

Day 3- Wednesday

•Today we have taken part in the ICT activities. We have made flashcards, mind maps and presentations using mobile devices and apps. We worked as a team to complete all the pieces of work and were allocated jobs.

•This afternoon we are doing Maths and Geography.

What we have enjoyed this week...

William- I enjoyed the rounder's tournament because everything else I haven’t enjoyed as much. I enjoyed the rounder’s tournament as I got to work with my friends as a team.

Josh- I enjoyed the Crustal Maze challenge - it was very fun as well as challenging.

Alice- I enjoyed doing the pop art as I found it fun, entertaining and creative. I was happy with my work in that session.