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A Peek at the Week: October 25th, 2021

Volume 1. Issue #11

Principal's Message: The 3-Legged Chair

"What does great instruction look like?"

This was the question my coach asked me this week.

It made me think of a 3-legged chair. Just like a triangle (the strongest shape!), a 3-legged chair can be very strong, as long as all 3 legs are equal. When we move the analogy to teaching, it's the balance between deeply understanding what we are teaching (the content), how we are teaching (our pedagogy), and knowing how each student learns. Opportunities to engage with each other, to ask questions, try out new vocabulary, and experience real objects, are ways to reach each student's individual learning. As you launch learning this week, take a step back and take a look at the proverbial 3-legged chair. And then...take a minute and sit down. Ask yourself, is it steady? Is one leg longer/ shorter than another? What do I need to stabilize it? Give yourself some time to reflect and to slow down.

We can build a strong 3-legged chair together...I'll bring along my hammer and nails :)

I've added a couple of great resources. The first is a strategy called the "appreciative close." It's a wonderful way to have students respond to their learning in a cooperative way. The second (click on the clear, and shared outcomes element) on the link for Elements of Effective Instruction clearly defines what outcomes must look like. The word "internalized" really hit home for me!

Pull out those raincoats!


This Week at WHES-Las Noticias

Lunch: The weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate this week. Please take a couple of minutes to remind students about our cafeteria rules. Masks come off for eating and back on when it's time to line up.


Have you seen the Grade level #s out front? Please make sure your students are lined up in the designated areas. This will help make our dismissals quick and efficient.

Goal Setting Meetings and Observations: If you haven't had your meeting with myself, Nicole, or Bridget, please reach out to us to schedule it for this week. We will be conducting observations this week. Please note that we are focusing on "welcoming environment" and instruction. Our intent is to share feedback in short form (quick email or note) and then follow-up in Teachpoint.

Cross-Cultural Walk Throughs: Over the next couple of weeks, Andre Fonseca -ML (Multi-lingual) Director, myself, Amy Richardson and Rachel Miller (ML Coach) will be walking through classrooms to get baseline data on 2 of the 8 indicators for ML "look fors." (see below). The information from this will be part of the work we do as a school in order to meet our 3 big rocks. Information from walkthroughs will be share with all staff. ML Look For indicators are listed below.

1.Asset-based and culturally sustaining

2.Language driven
3.Standards-based, rigorous, and integrated

4. Designed for extended language interactions, dialogue, and collaboration

5. Balanced, focused on both meaning and form

6. Planned and dynamic

7. Differentiated and scaffolded

8. Grounded on effective assessment practices

Important Dates: Looking Ahead

*Bus Evacuation RESCHEDULED to this week (day TBD): Info coming to you soon!

Tuesday, October 26th: Farm to School Harvest of the Month Taste Test in the cafeteria/lunchtime

Tuesday, October 26th: ILT Meeting in Library: 2:45-4:15

Friday, October 29th: Trunk-or-Treat Parade @ WHES: 5:00-6:00 PM

Staff Spotlights

Happy Birthday, Welcome, and Congratulations!

This Week's Staff Spotlight