Morris Memo

Week of December 8 - December 12


Monday: Happy Monday / Kindergarten SchoolNet Assessment /Character Words for the Month - Generosity & Compassion

Tuesday: SchoolNet Assessment Grades 1-5 - PTA Christmas Program on December 9, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., and "All You Can Eat Pizza" for only $5.00.

Wednesday:SchoolNet Assessment / Dr.Gloria Bennett Professional Development / FACULTY MEETING

Thursday: SchoolNet Assessment / Dr.Gloria Bennett Professional Development

Friday: SchoolNet Assessment


We have two busy weeks remaining. Teachers please focus on active student engagement.

Teachers as you know the SchoolNet Assessment will be administered this week. Please follow the schedule sent to you via email. Dr. Bennett will provide Professional Development December 10 - 11, 2014 for various teachers. Mrs. Agun will forward a detail schedule to those who will be participating in the training. We will have a faculty meeting with Dr. Bennett to determine Instructional Plans for the forthcoming weeks.


2nd Grade Fieldtrip - December 15

Peppermint Patty's Ugly Sweater Christmas - December 15 If you are attending the Christmas Party at Patty's, you can wear an ugly Christmas sweater or sweat-shirt. Also, bring a $10 dirty Santa gift if you want to play (not required).

5th Grade Fieldtrip - December 16

PreK Fieldtrip & All Winter Parties December 18 - Just a reminder that Christmas parties should take place at the end of the day – example – 1:30-2:15.

Frozen - Wear your FUN Pajamas - Cost $1.00 PTA Fund Raiser


This week's spotlight is on 2nd Grade teacher Nikki Shedd. After learning about the Web 2.0 tool "Kahoot It!" from Mrs. Boyd during the faculty meeting, the Second Grade Team Panda decided to embed Kahoot It! into their lessons. Ms. Shedd, used Kahoot It! to help her class review verb tense. After students answered, she modeled to her class why the answer was correct. Ms. Shedd and her students also used hand signals to help them remember the certain verb tenses. Thanks to using Kahoot It! as a practice tool, students were able to master L.2.1 and verb tenses. This is a great example of how Morris is ALWAYS Learning!- Go TEAM PANDA!
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