By Kevin t.

Courage Redefined

A big monster lay ashore, Fear said.

All the boys would listen and have nightmares in bed.

No one would face him, not even the biggest of the big boys.

But only Simon dared to talk back to his fears,

He marched to the monster and gained great tears,

Blasphemy! How dare fear trick us.

Four sisters. One survived,

How many people would have died,

If they didn't face their fear?

"Trujillo will kill you," fear said.

But he would make anyone dead.

Finally they became free but many people

already paid the price,

Blasphemy! How dare fear stop us.

"I will imprison you," fear said.

So the people began to drink until they were dead,

The ignorance grew and they ignored the fear,

but hope was found, as Mark sought answers.

You can't run from fear, it will always appear,

and instead of grabbing a beer,

Fight it, and let it be known.

You are strong.

Courage is not the absence of fear,

It is the triumph of it.