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You need to listen to GETTING STARTED CALL for New Promoters







First, let’s discuss the le-vel VIP fast start bonuses! (click here for more details)

1. you only have 14 days from the first day you place your order OR if you went from Customer to PROMOTER.

2. 800 VIP earns you roughly over $550 money and $100 free product credit

3. 1600 VIP earns you over $550 money and $100 free product credit AGAIN

For your first goal:

***Important Step:::Share this with your friends and family! Since you don't have your own personal testimony yet, use the Le-Vel fanpage on Facebook, visit the fanpage and click the button to INVITE FRIENDS TO LIKE THE FANPAGE. www.facebook.com/LevelBrands, and share any testimony you see. Just be sure and attach your referral link so they can order from you!


***Have 2 promoters who buy a PROMOTER PACK! ($100, $200, 400, or $800 pack! Must be a promoter pack to qualify for bonus not individual items

***HAVE 2 customers on AUTOSHIP! Must be AUTOSHIP to qualify and just know they can cancel autoship anytime without penalties (this also saves your customers money) Have those 2 customers and 2 promoters order total $800 in sales and you get $660 in bonuses. It's around $550 that goes into your account and $100 in free product You can set up your pay in back office to go onto a prepaid master card or directly into your checking account. Our pay period ends at 11:00 CST Sunday night so if you happen to hit these goals by then you get paid Tuesday! Yes it's that simple!!


Welcome to Le-Vel & Thrive Experience

Here is how we work...share your passion about the Thrive product

Be the MESSENGER not the MESSAGE. Let the tools that are available to you, that Paul Gravette and Jason Camper has created to be the message.

Paul's 24 Recorded call 641-715-3659 access code 137907# - This is great to give to potentials immediately.

The Le-vel fanpage and invite the prospect to LIKE it-there they will read stories & get even more curious!

3 way calls are your biggest tool to use. It's training ground for you and it validates what you are already saying to your prospect. Here are numbers that you should use for your 3 way calls, use them in that order. Start with your 12k and reach up, up, up. It doesn't matter what rank they are, but if they are 12k they can validate what you are saying.

805-338-7946 Carmel Stetler

406-696-5690 Rob Lininger

406-696-9235 Elise Lininger

661-670-0034 Sarah McMullen

Paul Gravette - "3-Way Call for Help"

Your Daily Steps to Growing Your Network

With Le-Vel you are building your network. We are a free social network, create your free accounts daily by simply sharing Thrive with your friends, family and people within 3 feet of you.

Keep a journal for just the names of people that you can think of that can benefit from Thrive. You should be adding people to this list daily and following up with people that you've already planted seeds with.

Your daily tasks: 3-3-2-1

3 - Reach out to 3 new people a day

3 - Follow up with 3 people a day

2 - Add two new names to your "chicken list"

1 - Share at least one story from the Le-Vel fan page daily.

Refer to this link if you would like the words that I use when planting the seed and when following up.


Here are your duplicate able steps:

  1. Plant the "thrive seed"
  2. Get them access to your link - by enrolling them as a free customer
  3. Provide them with the link, username, and password to log on.
  4. Follow up, follow up, follow up

**When they are ready and as long as your are following up, that seed will eventually sprout into an actual sale.


If someone wants to sample, make sure they are enrolled as a free customer into your network. Make sure that they review the site, like the Facebook fan page, and schedule a call with them on day 2 of their sample. When you schedule that call notify your upline of that scheduled call so that you can incorporate a 3 way call.

When to use a 3 way call:

  1. When there is a question, even though you know the answer to that question.
  2. When they are on Thrive and we need to trouble shoot their adjustment.
  3. When a customer might be considering being a promoter

Living Room Locals & Locals

Host your own Living Room Local the first week that you are in business.

Attend a local and never go alone. Always try to attend the one closest to you and with at least 2 people that might have sampled, have questions, are already a customer, or a customer that might want to become a promoter.


Getting started with Thrive

Trial instructions, I recorded this. http://tapeacall.com/j2faqfzxx3

Thrive Sample Instructions: SLOW START METHOD!!!!

3 steps & done!

If you are Sensitive, please start out with the lower dose option.

RECORDED CALL: 530-881-1499 pin 137907#

Before handing over that sample, schedule a call with them on day 2 so that you can discuss how they are feeling. Once you schedule it, let your upline know you have a call that day that you would like them to be available for.

Day 1-2:

***Reduce your caffeine intake and drink lots of water.

Step 1. Before your feet hit the floor (on an empty stomach)Take 1 Capsules with a glass of water.

Step 2. 20 minutes later drink 1/2 or Full shake (water or milk, I mix with water).

Day 3:

(if feeling great, you can increase dose/add dft)

Repeat above, but do 2 caps, Full Shake & the DFT.(either bicep, shoulder or upper buttocks)

*Make sure the area is clean and free from lotion

*DFT lasts 24 hours, can be exposed to water

Please let me know if you have any questions.

*We do not make any product claims or offer any medical advice. Please forward all health related questions to your physician.

((AFTER ADJUSTING.....Take the capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, 20-40 minutes later drink the shake and then put on the patch on their bicep, shoulder or upper buttocks. When starting the product, it is recommended, you start with only 1 capsule to make sure they tolerate it just fine. Also the patch should be rotated and not put in the exact same spot to avoid irritation. The patch can get wet. Just wear it for 24 hours, remove it and replace with a new one.))


W-wear your DFT it opens opportunities for you to share!
I- immediately create them a free promoter or customer account to anyone who asks about the product
N- now follow up! follow up with everyone you've shared...update them often on your experience story and the company
K-Keep your feelers open! there's people you meet every day that need to thrive! They need help with energy, discomfort, sleep, and a residual income opportunity

Weekly Calls - Choose 2 to be on each week.

Live Corporate Calls

Monday VIP Training

Tuesday & Thursday Testimonial Calls

6:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM MST, 8:00 PM CST, 9:00 PM EST

641-715-3660 Access Code: 137907

New Promoter Training Call Every Wednesday:


Meeting ID: 843891#

Our Team Call

Tuesday 8:30 PM PST, 9:30 PM MST, 10:30 PM CST, 11:30 PM EST


Access Code 373283#

There are other calls, and if you'd like reminder on other team calls, Elise has the

remIND app for all other calls. If you would like to be on that list

***TEXT the follow @ithr to 406-290-1793

What People Are Saying - Couples Series (3 of 3)

Talk soon!

Carmel Stetler


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