Virtual Make Up Days

Lodge Community School

EVSC Virtual Learning Day Guidance for Schools: Day Two!

To date, the EVSC has taken four snow days, two of which will be made up on April 15 and 18. The third snow day was originally scheduled to be made up on Monday, Feb. 15, but that make up day was also cancelled due to inclement weather. The two remaining snow days will be made up using the state’s virtual option.

This year’s virtual schedule is:

  • Monday, Feb. 22: first virtual assignments distributed. Assignments will be due Monday, Feb. 29. Completed!
  • Monday, March 28: second virtual assignments distributed. Assignments will be due Monday, April 4. With Spring Break, be sure to have your lessons prepared in advance of Monday, March 28th!


Virtual lessons should be a part of the teacher’s regular scope of lesson planning and modified accordingly. Teachers would need to be available to assist students with virtual learning outside of school hours. Teachers should be prepared to communicate:

  • information with students and parents about the lessons,

  • details for how they will be accessible for instructional support, and

  • times they will be available on virtual make-up days “virtual office hours”.

This document illustrates items that are under “tight” guidance in the event of the virtual option being utilized-- such as assurances that must be met; and under “loose” guidance -- how teachers would deliver or differentiate their instruction for effective learning outcomes. These guidelines provide further information with regard to the following areas:

1. Virtual Learning: Content Planning & Instructional Delivery

2. Teacher Reachability: By Students & Parents

3. Virtual Learning: Student Time & Grading/Attendance

4. Lesson Structure: For Students with Exceptional Needs

Recognizing there is no perfect make-up option that meets the needs of all students and staff, EVSC has been intentional about gathering input to inform this decision. The priority creating this plan was to ensure that we are doing what is best for our students’ educational interests. We know that school days added at the end of the school calendar and/or after Memorial Day have limited educational benefits, and that it is best to offer these learning opportunities closest to the days that were missed in order to continue student progress in meeting learning goals.

Additional questions, examples of success, and opportunities for improvement regarding virtual learning can be submitted at: EVSC's Curriculum & Digital Resources website.

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