How to Analyze Poetry

Analyzing poetry

If you look at the picture below, you can see everything that the poet has to have to have a great poem. When we analyse, you have to break everything up. When you analyse a good poem you have break everything up into those tiny pieces like you see below.
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How to Analyze

In your text, you can find these things below and highlight them along with the key to analyze your texts.

Purple= hyperbole (an extreme exaggeration)

Pink=imagery (description or figurative language)

Red= negative connotation (when words have negative feels)

Blue= similes (a comparison using like or as)

orange= personification (giving a non human like thing human like characteristics)

yellow= positive connotation (giving words positive feels)

green = metaphors (comparing things without like or as)

light blue= onomatopoeia (sound words)

light red= alliteration (when lots of words start with the same letter)

light green= unknown words (words you don't know)

Poem Explanations

Something Missing- Something Missing is really about someone thinking something really is missing but they can't seem to find what it is.

Invocation- Invocation is really saying that god gave us the world to not be confused, and take the world by the horns of a bull.

Corn Maze- Corn Maze is describing what it is like to be in a corn maze. How you can be so confused and lost inside of it and some of the emotions you might be feeling.

Any Advice- Any Advice is a poem about when you're really lost or confused how you should just get out of the places that you always are and going out to see the world.

Poem Connections

These poems connect to our daily lives because, come on people you have never felt like you forgot something. Or you are confused. Their has never been a single problem in your life where you think, what should i say to not seem rude or obnoxious