Deshaun Watson + Cleats =Domination

History of Football Cleats

The first cleat was made in the 16th century. The main function of cleats is to give players better grip on turf in wet or muddy conditions. Overtime people started making better and faster cleats to run in. In 1925 the German brothers developed cleats with removable studs. In 2011 Adidas made 6.9 ounce cleats so football players could run faster by making them lighter.
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A Day in the Life of Deshaun Watson

A day in the life of Deshaun Watson, wow. If I could be Deshaun Watson for a day I don't think I could do even half the work he does. He is a hardworking person that never gives up. Everyday he goes to football practice before and after school. He practices in his orange and white Nike cleats. They make him faster when he runs the ball and helps him grip the turf. He will do whatever it takes to win the game.
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I am a very big Clemson fan. I have been going to football games with my dad ever since I was little. I wanted to do a shoe that connected with Clemson to show how big of a fan I am.