Scared of dying of Tuberculosis

You should try pasteurization

Are you tired of your wine turning to vinegar?

French Chemist Louis Pastuer has the solution for you. It is called pasteurization. This process of heating a liquid to a boiling point to destroy microorganisms is totally safe and will improve the keeping quality of your wine.

Why you should care about pasteurization

Pasteurizing milk and other liquids can prevent wide-spread suffering. It is a simple and natural process that can save lives.
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James Kesley

This is James Kesley. He had unpasteurized milk last week. Mr. Kesley is now dying of tuberculosis, salmonella, listeria, E. coli, Hepatitis A., and scarlet fever. Don't be like James Kesley. Get your liquids pasteurized!!!


In this assignment I advertised pasteurization. It is the process of boiling liquids to get rid of the gross stuff that would have probably killed a lot of people in the 1800s, hence the title. It works because when the liquid gets super hot or boiling the germs can't survive. After that it should be safe to drink.

One long lasting effect of pasteurization is that you can no longer get a lot of these diseases through foods. An effect this had on people living in the 1800s was that it allowed more people to drink milk and survive and it allowed people to store things longer.

I used a few persuasion techniques such as Faulty Cause and Effect and Compare and Contrast. I chose to use this techniques because they worked well with what I was advertising. I knew what I was going to do to persuade people even before we went over what types of persuasion we should use. I like using these techniques because they added a lot to my ad.