By Rainbow Rowell


Cath is obsessed with fan fiction. She loves the world of Simon Snow. But now Cath and her twin sister Wren, are going to college. Her sister doesn't want to share a room with her, so Cath has to share a room with a random girl. She soon meets Reagan and Levi.

Type of conflict : man vs. self

Cath can't write anything but Simon Snow stories. She is in love with the world of magic. Her teacher calls it stealing when she used Simon Snow in her stories. But Cath can't think of new characters that are as good as Simon and Baz.


pg. 108 " Professor Piper was always telling them to write about something close to their hearts, and there was nothing close to Cath's heart than Simon and Baz. "


Growing up. " Growing up is a challenge for everyone. "


" Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. " - Oscar Wilde

Extra Information

Setting : college - busy, loud, partying, classes, big, campus, kids wearing Ray-Bans, small dorm rooms

Favorite Quote : " But there's nothing more profound that creating something out of nothing. "

Symbolism : laptop - A laptop symbolises her love for writing and fan fiction.

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