Lola Pearson Scoggins

My Great-Great-Grandmother.


Have you ever had someone really close to you? Anyone you've ever wanted to meet? Anyone you never wanted to pass away? Well, I did. My Great-Great-Grandmother. She seemed like a very fascinating person and I would've loved to meet her. I could never meet her though because she passed away 25-30 years before i was born. This presentation is so you can learn more about my fascinating ancestor.

Who Was She?

Exactly who was Lola Scoggins Pearson? Well, she was the ordinary small town girl. She was born in Prior Oklahoma-Indian territory on February 10th,1891. Since she was born on Indian territory, she was full Indian. She was raised on an Indian territory until she met her future husband, Elvin Elsworth Pearson.
A few years later, her and Elvin got engaged, then married. Together, They had 6 kids, Mid,Hogan,James,Elvin Jr, Laura, and Evelyn. Of course, all these kids made them both very stressed. They had relationship problems for years, but stayed together until all their kids moved out. After all their kids moved out, they finally had some peace.

Where Was She In History?

During 1891, a very historical happening took place. The creation of the popular sport, Basketball. Dr James Naismith, a physical education professor and instructor at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (YMCA), In Springfield Massachusetts,USA, invented an entirely different indoor sport. I wonder if any ancestors played...
Also, The Music Hall in New York, Carnegie Hall, had its grand opening and first public performance. Maybe she traveled to see the show!
During her young years, many historical creations were made. Most of them are still here today!


Lola passed away in October 5th, 1985. She passed away peacefully at St. Johns Hospital in Oxnard California. She died a few years after her husband.
She had a very fascinating life and many stories to tell. My family and I have many of her journals and books.