Walnut Creek Campus

Third Quarter Newsletter

Note from the Principal

Well, hopefully all of you have been keeping warm during the deep freeze that we have been experiencing. Hopefully spring will be here before we know it! We hope that this newsletter finds your family in good spirits and in good health. We had approximately 20 new students enroll at the semester and we have enjoyed getting to know each of them. I met with the new students in January to discuss how Walnut Creek is different and what our expectations are for students here. Parents/guardians, if you were not given a handbook when you came in to do your intake, please stop by our main office and pick one up or you may also view it online on our district web page. We want to make sure that you understand how we operate and we want to work with our families as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to call me if I can answer any questions for you.

We would like to call attention to the fact that we need our students in attendance each and every day. We know that many of our students have had long standing attendance issues. We would like to see that turn around here at Walnut Creek Campus, for we know that students cannot obtain high school credits without attending and therefor, students cannot graduate from high school if they do not obtain credits. For that reason, we have many interventions put in place. We have a case worker, Sean Hubner, who will be calling all families when their student is not in attendance.

In addition, we have a team of staff who look at data surrounding behavior and attendance every week. Every other week, as a full staff, we discuss students who are not doing well academically and we create interventions to try that might help them be more successful. As a result of these meetings, we may request a parent meeting, a contract will be created with the student to establish a plan for success or a circle process will be conducted to look more closely at the specific reasons for non-attendance/low-productivity. In all of those situations, plans for improvement will be made. If these plans fail to be effective, the principal (myself) will be contacting the family to determine next steps. This could be a placement in the night school program, DMACC credit transfer program or a referral for the DMACC adult diploma or High Set (formerly the GED). We need as much parent/guardian support and teamwork as possible to ensure that each Walnut Creek Campus student is able to complete his/her education. If you have any suggestions or ideas about how we might improve attendance, please share them with me.

Lastly, graduation will be here before we know it. Graduation will be held at the Valley Community Center on May 22 at 7pm. Students who will be participating in the ceremony will be greeted by our school resource officer and a staff member at the door. If it appears that the student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we will escort them to a private location to do an assessment. If we determine they are indeed under the influence, I will call parents/guardians to come pick their son/daughter up and the student will not participate in the ceremony. The family will then come in during the next school day to discuss the situation with me and I will give the student his/her diploma at that time. We want to make sure that all students who are at school or who are participating in school activities are alcohol and drug free while doing so. We do not anticipate any issues like this, but we always want our students and families to know what our expectations and procedures are.

We also look forward to seeing all of you at our parent/teacher conferences on February 13 from 4-8 pm. Until then, please keep encouraging your student to attend and do well in school. Please contact us if there is anything that we can do to support your family with this endeavor.

Dr. Kim Davis,


Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Feb. 13th, 4-8pm

1020 8th St

West Des Moines, IA

Mark your calendars for third quarter's parent teacher conferences! If you are unable to attend please feel free to email or call your student's teachers to get an update on their progress this quarter. Please call 633-6400 for contact information.

Around School...

ADHD/ADD Information and Sources

Many of our students have been diagnosed with ADHD / ADD. This can present many challenges for families, as their children / students learn to manage their learning differences and gain skills to help them cope with these challenges. Oftentimes, adult parents self-diagnose their own ADD, when learning more about their child’s diagnosis. There is a very helpful website that provides many, many articles, webinars, links to previously published articles and information, etc. It provides quick, concise, easy-to-read articles, with numerous inks to more info. It is also sent by email as a newsletter, and published as a magazine, ADDITUDE. Take a look!

Elena Sorensen, RN

WCC School Nurse


Staff Notes

Speech Class

You can support a student in Speech class by:

  • checking Infinite Campus frequently for progress in the gradebook;
  • making sure your student attends class and is on time;
  • helping your student practice each speech and evaluating him/her on provided parent feedback form; and
  • asking the student to view his/her videos of speech performances.

C.J. Matthews, Instructor

B.O.Y.S. Class

Hello, wow it’s hard to believe we are half way through the third quarter already. One thing I’m looking forward to is teaching B.O.Y.S. (Building On Your Strengths) class during fourth quarter this year. This is an all-male class that I created 12 years ago where we combine classroom days and challenge days. During classroom days we focus on issues faced by young men; relationships, conflict resolution, decision making… On challenge days we learn; problem solving, team work and communication through experiential activities. With B.O.Y.S. class and warmer weather coming during the fourth quarter, time can keep flying… for a few more weeks anyway.

Tony Aunspach, Instructor

Animal Cruelty/Abuse Project

The animal lovers at WCC are working with the no kill shelter Animal Lifeline by making cat and dog toys, blankets, beds, and treats. Students have gathered materials such as fleece, sweatshirts, bells, balls, feathers, and ribbon and are assembling the items to be sold in the shelters thrift shop and given to families that adopt an animal. The group has listened to speakers from Animal Lifeline and The ARL and researched numerous topics about the needs our community has with its animals that require support and care. It’s a fun way to spend Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s in advisory!

Lynn Sandvig, Instructor

Upcoming School Events

  • Thursday, February 13: 2:00 Early Out
  • Friday, February 21: No School
  • Wednesday, March 5: Individual Advisory Meetings, no regularly scheduled classes
  • Friday, March 14-March 21: No School, Spring Break
  • Wednesday, March 26: End of 3rd Quarter
  • Thursday, March 27: 4th Quarter Begins, 1:00 Early Out
  • Friday, March 28: 1:00 Early Out
  • Wednesday, April 9: Passion Day/Pizza with Professionals
  • Wednesday, April 16: Individual Advisory Meetings, no regularly scheduled classes
  • Friday, April 18: No School
  • Wednesday, April 23: School-Wide Service Learning