6th Grade AIG Lion Team

Week of December 7th - 11th

Reading Class

This week in reading class, the students got a new set of Blendspace centers. This weeks centers consisted of: working on Stems and Flocabulary, reading a short book titled Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis, doing discussion questions about what you learned from the book, a quiz on the information from the book, a poem about a tsunami, a passage about a tsunami, a video about a man surviving a tsunami, a triple venn-diagram on which they had to compare and contrast the poem, text and video regarding a tsunami, and as always they had to do 20 minutes of i-Ready, 20 minutes of read to self, and week 12 Studies Weekly passage.

Math Class

This week in math, the students learned more about ratios, rate, and unit rate. The classes learned about new ways to find the unit rate in a problem. The ways they learned were: #1, using ratio tables, #2, using a tape diagram, and #3, using a double number line diagram. They will continue to learn about ratios leading into next week.

Science Class

This week in science the students continued to learn more about the elements and the periodic table. They finished their “Adopt an Element” projects, and did a “Element Trading Card” one. The classes had a special visiter on Friday, so they had to do their “Genius Hour” time to Thursday. The special visitor was Mrs. Eisenhoffer’s eldest son, and he is a Neurochemist. He did simple experiments that related to what the students are learning. At the end of class, they got to ask him questions about the experiments and his job.

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