No Promises in the Wind

Losing Hope

No Promises in the Wind

This title relates to the theme, losing hope, because Josh and his brother, Joey, faced the world when it was in the heat of starvation and depression by themselves, and it wasn't very promising. Often times, they got disappointed quickly. Walking for miles, hitching a ride when they could, and working with the little money they had, pushed their once optimistic hearts way down. When constant hunger is thrown into the mix, Josh and Joey were left in a bad way. They slowly lost hope.

Man vs. Society

Loss of Innocence

Joey was constantly losing his innocence at his young age of 10. He heard stuff Josh never meant for him to hear from gruff, old, homeless men. Josh loses his innocence almost daily as he humbles himself to beg for food from more fortunate families. Their quest to find the satisfaction of a small living is not as easy one. Yet they continued to battle through the hard times of the Great Depression at a loss of innocence. The society showed little mercy.

Not Enough Food for Everyone

Joey asked a women at her house for food. She yelled back, "what would you have me do? Would you have me hand out food to every tramp when my own children have just one meal a day? Do you think I can stretch the little I have to feed tramp children and see my own starve tomorrow?" Josh and Joey left the house without a word. I think this clearly relates to the theme of losing hope because this lady that they're asking has no hope to offer them.

Josh and Joey

Josh is a strong-minded boy at age fifteen. He's an amazing worker, and sometimes he can get stubborn. Music is his main delight in life. Joey is a cute little ten year old with a heart of gold. He has a clear voice and can play the banjo a little. Patience, kindness, and smiling are some of his great virtues. Also, he looks up Josh a lot. Josh and Joey share a love for music. They don't always agree, but they are all each other has. So they learn to cope with each other. This relates to the theme of losing hope because eventually, they get mad at each other and end up going in separate ways. Only time will tell if they ever find each other again.