FREE EdcampHOT for All Educators!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at Midway High School

We would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual EdcampHOT!

EdcampHOT: Teacher Driven, Teacher Led

An edcamp is a new form of professional development that allows educators to come together for a one-day, free conference. The unique thing about this gathering is that participants choose the content for the day, network and learn from each other, and walk away with inspiration and solutions to issues they face on a daily basis as they teach our students.

Edcamp is always FREE! Door prizes will be given away, too!!!

"I got things that I could actually use in my classroom and had guided discussions with teachers from many different schools and subjects." ~ Hillsboro ISD 2015 Edcamper

"I love the laid back atmosphere, and learning from my peers." ~ Midway ISD 2015 Edcamper

Watch the short EdCamp videos below to see what an EdCamp is all about!


"Enjoyed interacting with other teachers - great sessions - lots of sessions to choose from too!" ~ Bosqueville ISD 2015 Edcamper

"Now I know what a Genius Hour is! I will use this idea." ~ Temple ISD 2015 Edcamper


Wednesday, July 27th, 8am-3:30pm

Midway High School, Mars Drive, Waco, TX

"I love collaborating with other teachers and learning new fun techniques to implement in my classroom." ~ China Spring ISD 2015 Edcamper

"My brain is now full!!" ~ McGregor ISD 2015 Edcamper

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EdcampHOT - Day of Event Information

Schedule for the Day

7:30am Doors Open

7:30-8:30 Breakfast, Session Creation

8:30am Welcome to EdCampHOT!

8:50-9:20 Student Panel: 21st Century Learning

9:30-3:15 Sessions and Lunch

3:15-3:30 Aha Moments, Reflections & Door Prizes

Participants create the day's schedule together in the morning, shaping the content and outcomes as a group. Anyone can present or facilitate a conversation. Sessions are driven by participant interest, passion, and curiosity, with a focus on peer-to-peer sharing.

Wireless internet will be available for your laptop and wireless device.

"I'm leaving with more knowledge and lots of ideas to explore." ~ Lorena ISD 2015 Edcamper

"I was able to meet and speak with other teachers from different districts. Great day today! :)" ~ West ISD 2015 Edcamper

"I finally learned something about Twitter." ~ Waco ISD 2015 Edcamper

"Great opportunity to collaborate with some AMAZING educators!!!!!" ~ Georgetown ISD 2015 Edcampers

Padlet your Ideas!

Start thinking about what you would like to learn or possibly lead throughout the day and start adding your ideas on this Padlet:

This Padlet allows YOU to add ideas and topics that interest you. It will not determine which topics will be part of our day because those decisions will be made at the start of the day by all participants, but we're hoping it will get the "juices" flowing for you, so you'll be ready to add your sticky note to the wall.

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"It was beyond amazing! It was energizing and inspiring to be around so many others who clearly love the teaching profession." ~ University Charter School 2015 Edcamper

"I learned many new ideas that I can use in my classroom." ~ LaVega ISD 2015 Edcamper

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"I LOVE the collaboration!" ~ Mexia ISD 2015 Edcamper

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"I learned so much! Did my first tweet!" ~ Fairfield ISD 2015 Edcamper

"Thank you so much. I loved it!!!" ~ Hamilton ISD 2015 Edcamper

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