Immigrants and Ellis Island

By: Linda Chen

The Journey to Ellis Island

Immigrants who where coming to the Americans were risking everything. They come to better themselves and their future offspring. Many come to flee religious persecution and economic hardships. The trip to America would not be an easy one. Immigrants would have to face overcrowded ships, awful sanitation and once arrived different inspections. However they believed this was worth the freedom that laid ahead of them.


As the ships or the ferries come upon the shore they will be on the landing station. This is where all the immigrants wait to be called and get inspected. In this area there is mostly overcrowding and no food or water for some time.

Medical Inspection

Medical examination was required for everyone who was entering the land. Each doctor would write certain identification on the shoulders or the clothing of the patient. If you get approved then we will be able to pass. If marked then you will be taken to a separate area to be tested. Different letters will be different kinds of test. For an example an "E" could be for an eye check up.

Legal Inspection

After the medical inspection a legal inspection is then required. In the legal inspection questions such as "Are you married or single?" "How much money do you have?" are asked and they expect an answer back. The entire process would only be a few minutes. Once the time was up the patient was either allowed to enter or detained for another legal hearing.


After all inspections and when you passes you are then free to leave the island. Immigrants could make their travel arrangements, change their money to American currency, and be united with family. Only about 1/3 of the people who come to Ellis Island stay in New York.

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