Climate Change

Elk island national park

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Basic info

  • Name is Elk island park
  • established in 1913
  • located in Alberta-park geocentroid: 53.59°N, 112.88°W
  • Its size is 194 km²

Important features

  • Southern Boreal Plains and plateaux
  • Remnant of the aspen Parkland
  • Protection of Elk
  • Moose, bear, beaver and coyote also inhabit the hills and stands of aspen
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Impact of climate Change on Elk island national park

predicted change and specific impact #1,

Some policies in Elk island national park would need to be change, such as public access will decrease, fire prevention will be less likely and animals will be less healthy.

Predicted change and specific impact #2

The park would to adapt to the increased fire frequency. A doubling of CO2 may increase the fire weather index ratio by a factor of 1.0 in the region but they may be able to adapt to this because Elk island has supported animals that are used to being in a hot climate with intense heat

Predicted change and specific impact #3

Last, , boreal species and their habitats would eventually disappear to be replaced by more southern species. The species would prefer grasslands over forests and also they would respond faster to warming than trees which would eventually cause destabilization in the entire ecosystem..