Bioethics and Healthcare

Compared the the Adoration Of Jenna Fox

Jenna Fox's society V.S my society

Jenna Fox's society strictly restricts replacing real bodies with lab made human skin and Biogel which is what Jenna is made of.This is based on a 100 point system.No human can use more than 100 points on their body,each body part is a certain amount of points.In my society people that are dying are not allowed to be saved by using transplants or artificial skin.This would make Jenna illegal.People in my society do not want "lab pets" or "robots" crawling around the globe.No matter how advanced our technology is humans are humans and not lab made puppets.

What is natural?

Everyone dies at some point right? Do people really want to live for that long?I think that it is not natural for people to live more than a 120 years.After you have grown that old wont you become irritated,reckless and will have experienced all of the experiences in life and have nothing to look forward too.Also If people stop dying the delicate population of the world will become too large.
Bioethics Spotlight

My Society's views Bioethics and Healthcare

How my society defines legally human.

In my society anyone saved using transplants in a dying situation is considered to be illegal. Some of these illegal transplants are hearts,brains organs or lab grown skin.People who did the operation the people who made the decision to do the transplant and the real person will all be punished.This is because if too many people stop dying the world could very easily overpopulate and this could create much unrest. In Jenna's society people are allowed to be saved using transplants but not allowed to go over their 100 point system.Also just like my society, brains are illegal.

How my society regulates laws concerning bioethics.

A group of doctors,scientists and members of public appointed by the society will regulate the laws concerning bioethics.Every year a vote will be held.All patients and doctors will be allowed to vote on the new decisions that will be made considering bioethics.These most popular ideas and laws will be added to the procedures.

What are the consequences of breaking these laws.

All people involved in the operation, including doctors and the person the operation was performed on will be punished by the society. Some of these consequences are a sentence to jail, or banning them from doing any other medical work.