Montgomry Bus Boycott

If I was there

Introductions of leaders

Martin Luther King, Jr.: He was a great leader that was always striving to make a change. He mainly wanted peace and equality. He was known for giving unforgettable speeches on what he wanted to achieve. Sadly he was shot by a man named James Earl ray in 1968.

Rosa Parks: She was just your average women until one day she walked onto a bus and made a major difference. She wouldn't give her sit to a white women. this was in a time period when white and blacks weren't equal. This act created an uproar on making equality between everyone.

Map and Details:

Sunday, Jan. 18th 195 at 1am to Thursday, Dec. 20th 1956 at 3am

Montgomery, AL, United States

Montgomery, AL

Why?: Everyone should be able to sit where ever they would like on a bus. We are boycotting to allow us all to be equal. Don't let them push you out of your sit anymore. Take a stand and take a different way of transportation.

Boycott Options

  • walk
  • ride a bike
  • take a taxi
  • ride with another friend


After a lot of hard work they achieved there goals. Although Rosa Parks had to be beat and put in jail to make a point she gained followers. By gaining these followers they created a stand. This soon drew MLK, Jr.'s attention where he decided to fight back.